Tech Rider Packages

Tech-Rider – Major brands used

Scalable system from 6KW -20KW RMS Ground Stack or Flown*

24 up to 48 Channel Digital Mixing FOH

24 up to 48 Channel Digital Monitor MON + Split

4 up to 8 x 400W Rms Passive Wedge Monitors

2x 800W Rms Passive Drum/Bass Monitors

2x 1KW RMS Side fills

Mics, DI’s to suit performance

2 x Crew

Price example:  Based on 8KW PA, 6 Aux Mixes with Sound Engineer and Tech – 12 hour Wet-Hire rate from £1200 exc VAT.  Includes delivery and set-up within 50 mile radius of CV1.   Additional mileage charges apply.